University of Constantinople


TheImperial UniversityofConstantinople, sometimes known as theUniversity of the Palace Hallof Magnaura(Πανδιδακτήριον τῆς Μαγναύρας), can trace its corporate origins to 425 AD, when theEastern Roman EmperorTheodosius IIfounded thePandidakterion(Πανδιδακτήριον).

The Pandidakterion was refounded in 1046 byConstantine IX Monomachoswho created the Departments ofLaw(Διδασκαλεῖον τῶν Νόμων) andPhilosophy(Γυμνάσιον).

At the time various economic schools, colleges, polytechnics, libraries and fine-arts academies also operated in the city of Constantinople.

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Lavanta Kokulu Kadınlar

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The Temple of Uppsala


The Royal Mounds of Uppsala

Old Uppsala is situated a few kilometers north of the modern city of Uppsala in Sweden,  not far from another Old Norse site, Old Sígtuna. It is famous for having been an important pagan cultic center, and for its three great burial mounds that are astronomically aligned and oriented towards important ritual dates. No one knows exactly what purpose these mounds served, but their orientation fits exactly into a tradition of astronomical alignment in Swedish passage graves and burial mounds that reaches back to at least 3300 BC.

Uppsalaa The mounds of Uppsala, like Swedish passage graves, are oriented towards where the sun sets on the 3rd of November and the 8th of February. The Pagan new year happened after the first new moon after the 21st of October, so that the first full moon of the new year would happen around…

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A Modern Dynamic Structure: Milwaukee Art Museum written by Leyla Yildiz


Kaynak: A Modern Dynamic Structure: Milwaukee Art Museum written by Leyla Yildiz

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Aydınlığımız oldun. Güneşimiz oldun. Güneşi unutmak ve görmemek mümkün mü? Her ömrü aydınlatacak ve her ömürde var olacaksın. / 19.05.1881 – 10.11.2016

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The School of Venus

The School of Venus, or the LADIES DELIGHT, Reduced into RULES OF PRACTICE Being the Translation of the French L’Escoles des filles Two Dialogues DicireGrammatici car mascula nomina cunna Et cur fa…

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Theodosius Limanı-Portus Theodosiacus

Latince adı Portus Theodosiacus, I. Theodosius tarafından yapılmış olan bir ticari limandır. Suriçinde Bizans dönemi yegane deresi olan Lykos Deresi (Bayrampaşa Deresi) ağzında kurulmuştur. (1)Mısı…

Kaynak: Theodosius Limanı-Portus Theodosiacus

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